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MENU from 16°° to 22 °°


 80 g Spread of Greavse with onion and bread 89 Kč
150 g Headcheese with onion, vinegar and bread 90 Kč
100 g Steak Tartare with deep fried bread and garlic 189 Kč
100 g Cheese marinated in beer served with mustard, onion and bread 129 Kč
100 g Marinated Camembert Cheese with cranberries, marinated onion, feferons and bread 99 Kč
80 g Poultry Liver in Herbal Lard with onion jam and bread 99 Kč

Soups 0,3 l

Garlic Soup with ham, cheese and roasted bread 49 Kč
Sour Soup with cream, mushrooms, potatoes and egg 65 Kč
Soup of the Day  35 Kč

Main Dishes

200 g

Beef Goulash with spicy peppers, potato pancakes  1/2

169 Kč
150 g Roast Sirloin in cream sauce with cranberries and whipped cream, bread dumplings  1/2 169 Kč
1/4 Slowly Roasted Duck on Caraway Seeds served with red sauerkraut and a variety                of dumplings /bread and potatoes/ 199 Kč
300 g

Roast Pork in Black Beer served with garlic dip, onion jam and bread

239 Kč
500 g

Grilled Pork Ribs in BBQ marinade served with Coleslaw Salad and bread

209 Kč
500 g Grilled Pork Knee served with cream horseradish, mustard and bread 289 Kč
200 g

Sliced Flank Steak with Strong Pepper Sauce and Cognac served with french fries

259 Kč
200 g

Bacon Cheeseburger served with Coleslaw Salad and french fries

199 Kč
200 g

Grilled Tenderloin served with mushrooms cream sauce and roasted potatoes

259 Kč
200 g Chicken Steak with orange pepper and thyme sauce, mashed potatoes 249 Kč
200 g Fried Chicken Breast served with french fries   1/2 189 Kč
200 g Fried Pork Neck served with french fries   1/2  

120 g

Fried Cheese served with potatoes and Tartar Sauce 179 Kč
150 g

Caesar Salad with grilled Chicken Breasts and Parmesan cheese

169 Kč
200 g Potato Gnocchi with mushrooms cream sauce, ruccola and Parmesan cheese 169 Kč




Apple Strudel with raisins and whipped cream 59 Kč

Beeramisu /confectionery biscuits, whipped mascaropne, coffee, reduced black beer and bitter cocoa/

79 Kč

Dressings 30 g

Tartar Sauce 25 Kč
Mustard Sauce 25 Kč
Garlic Dip 25 Kč
Mustard 25 Kč
Ketchup 25 Kč
Cream Horseradish 25 Kč
Onion Jam 25 Kč


Menu box 13 Kč

Aluminium foil

8 Kč



 ½ – Offer for kids -half portion served for reduced price /70%/  




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Contract prices VAT included.

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